Mr Kenny Yu is a registered physiotherapist & TCM acupuncturist in Hong Kong with more than 10 years clinical experience. He was born in Hong Kong and trained in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. He worked with the national sports team (Orienteering) and the educational committee for the association in Hong Kong. He is now working in private practice and has established 7 others clinics in Hong Kong.


Kenny completed his Masters training at the University of Otago in Manipulative Physiotherapy with his research on clinical pilates which focussed on the analysing movement patterns in his patients.


You can find out more about Kenny at his website:


Modern Cupping Therapy for Soft Tissue Release

Cupping Therapy is a traditional technique where local suction is created on the skin to mobilise blood flow in order to promote healing. With the knowledge of anatomy and physiology, we are now unleashing the true nature of the suctioning effect. It is a mobilisation technique to soft tissue and connective tissue under the skin, also know as fascia.

The body’s fasical network has now been identified as a source of muscle and joint pain. Cupping which induces negative pressure through skin has been shown to influence circulation and lymphatic flow, reduce nociceptive input and release tension within the connective tissues.

Modern Cupping Therapy (MCT) works extremely well with physiotherapists and bodyworkers such as massage therapists who specialise in musculoskeletal problems and connective tissue tightness. Unlike traditional cupping therapy which relies heavily on skills of temperature control and glass manipulation, MCT is easy to apply and highly effective. The unique feature of allowing movement during the application provides excellent results for sports injuries and exercise rehabilitation.

Course Outline
This course will cover
  • The main purpose for the application of modern cupping therapy

  • The evolution from traditional gals & fire cup to easily handled modern silicone cup

  • The concept of fascial release with silicon cupping therapy

  • The application of modern cupping therapy for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions

  • Discuss modern cupping therapy and it's benefits using sound clinical reasoning

  • Easy application

  • Patient comfort

  • Safe

  • Fast and long lasting benefits

  • Can be integrated into other treatment methods

  • Can be used in self-treatment at home

  • Holistic approach to tackle chronic problems

Advantages of Modern cupping
  • Completely safe vs risk of using fire and glass

  • Easy applications vs highly skilled control of temperature

  • Time efficient vs 20-30 min treatment

  • Minimal skin marking vs deep long lasting bruising

  • Western medicine based theory vs traditional model

Benefits and advantages

Course Date: May 21-22, 2017


Early Bird Price: $690sgd* (deposit to be paid by April 25, 2017)


Course Cost: $750sgd* (After April 25, 2017)

*Price includes tea/coffee & lunch on both days, course manual, 6 silicon cups (worth $95sgd) and certificate of attendance.

***Discounts are available for groups of 8 pax or more. Please email us at

****Workshop size limited to 20 pax


Workshop runs from 9am-5pm each day

Registration from 8.45am


Booking Conditions:

1. A 50% deposit is payable on day of registration for all courses.

2. Final outstanding balance is due two weeks prior to course date.

3. Failure to pay the outstanding balance on time may forfeit your place on the course.


Course Cancellation Policy:

  • Upon registration, $150 is non-refundable.

  • Less than 30 days cancellation, 50% non-refundable.

  • Less than 2 weeks cancellation, 100% non-refundable.

  • No refund will be given if you do not complete any part of the 2 day course.

  • Bodyworks Manual Therapy Training Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to cancel any course, in which case all money already paid, will be refunded in full. We will not be responsible for any travel expenses – air ticket & hotel – paid by the registrant.

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